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What is Donate Your Change? With this simple charity fundraising tool you can easily donate and support Trinity Lutheran School. Every purchase you make with your registered credit/debit cards generates a roundup (to the nearest dollar) to benefit Trinity Lutheran School. 

How to Setup an Account: Have you ever viewed your bank or credit card accounts online before? If not, you will need to enroll in online banking directly with your financial institutions. This is the level of security that Donate Your Change is built upon. You will then be able to link bank accounts and credit cards to your charity using your online banking profile ensuring the highest level of security at all times. 
If yes, have your online banking information ready as you complete the sign-up process with DonateYourChange to support for your chosen charity. Simply follow the step by step prompts when you click “Sign Up Now”. Simple and Secure. 
During the signup process, as you link your accounts to Trinity Lutheran School, your bank will ask you to verify your identity to complete this connection. Providing your bank this info ensures your credentials and completes this Link. Any banking and security information requested is secure between you and your bank. DYC does not see or store any of this information.
Now What? After your DYC account is set up you are ready to start purchasing and fundraising for our school!
You can get scrip cards a few ways:
  1. Connect your card. First connect the accounts and cards that you use to make everyday purchases.
  2. Make a purchase. Next spend like normal. We'll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar.
  3. Make an impact. Your microgiving is automatically sent to Trinity Lutheran School. 
Please contact Rose Holbrook (515.432.6912 or
with any questions regarding the Donate Your Change program
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