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1st & 2nd Grade - December

Our study of God’s Word this past month centered on the birth of John the Baptist

who prepared the way for the Lord and the first Christmas when our Savior came to earth. We learned that the promise to Adam and Eve in the garden was fulfilled when God sent His

only Son Jesus into the world. Jesus came to save us from the power of sin and make us

right with God. This is Good News, and really the only reason we celebrate Christmas. Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all! Jesus is our Salvation!

We have been learning about adjectives and how to use them to add more detail in our

writing. Playing games to describe how things taste, smell, and feel were all fun ways to use a wide variety of adjectives. The first graders quickly caught on to the properties of solids and fractions. The second graders are working hard on counting money and using the fewest coins as well as the most possible ways to show certain amounts. We continue to drill and practice.

In science we learned about force which brought us to learning about magnets. We

could do that all day!

Our room mothers Kari Egeland, Sheralyn Page, and Jaimie Westrum planned a

wonderful Christmas party for us. The relay race and guessing game were very fun. As

was frosting sugar cookies and eating them. It was a great celebration.

Music is such a powerful way to communicate. Our K-4 Choir was blessed with the opportunity to share God’s wonderful plan of salvation through Jesus Christ in a number

of ways this past month. We gave a 30 minute concert on December 7th at the Festival of

Hope. Then the next afternoon we participated in the Habitat for Humanity celebration of the

Nativity and sang two songs, one being with the adult choir. The entire school shared with

family and friends their faith at the school Christmas Worship Service on December 13th.

Our class spent an amazing morning right before Christmas break going out into

the community sharing the message of Jesus Christ our Savior. We were warmly

greeted everywhere we went and it was evident that the Gospel message touched the hearts of people hearing our message.

The pure joy of Jesus coming out of the voices of our students is such a blessing and gift in praise to our Blessed Lord and Savior! Thanks be to God who gives us the Victory!

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