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1st & 2nd Grade - February

Biblical people lived lives exposed to the mercy of the elements. The wind and waters were mysterious and at times frightening. We all feel afraid at times. Jesus is more powerful than a storm or any other type of problem. Just as Jesus calmed the storm, He can calm our

worries and fears and help us handle the problems that trouble us. Jesus is more powerful than any type of problem. He carried our greatest fear – fear of eternal death – to the cross and won our victory for us. Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.”

We have been working on brushing up on the use of capitalization in Book titles, days

of the week, months of the year, proper nouns, streets, cities, states, countries, and holidays

as well as the use of commas in dates and to separate cities and states. We continue to use

these skills in our writing.

The 2nd graders had fun creating origami bats and then coming up with original uniquely

creative bat stories that we shared with the class.

We had a special treat hosting Rebecca Janni, author of the Every Cowgirl series. She

was delightful and shared the importance of a main character, setting, plot, problem and

solution. We thoroughly enjoyed her series and it was very cool to meet an actual author. Mrs. Janni encouraged us to lasso our dreams and make those dreams come alive in our writing.

We have enjoyed taking a closer look at rocks, how weathering takes place, and fossils.

We did and experiment simulating rain and wind and the effects on the erosion of soil.

We kept putting off the celebration of our 100th day due to several snow days. But

when it finally came, we had a great time celebrating the number 100 in a wide variety of

fun activities. Our 100th day song was even featured on Trinity’s Facebook page. We thank

God for each and every day we have together here in 1st and 2nd grade as we continue to

learn and grow together!

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