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1st & 2nd Grade - May

We studied the conversion of Saul, a Pharisee who made every effort to brutally end

Christianity. God used Saul/Paul to fervently and tirelessly spread Christ’s Gospel of

forgiveness and salvation. Jesus came to Saul in a bright light and divine voice. Today Jesus comes to us in His Holy Word and in sacraments. God worked through Ananias to teach and baptize Saul. He works through pastors to teach and baptize us.

Spring is in the air! We had the opportunity to experience the miracle of new life first hand using an incubator to simulate a mother hen roosting on her eggs. We used a development chart to understand how the embryo develops inside the egg for 21 days until a chick pecks its way out of its eggshell and is hatched! We were blessed to have 26 chicks hatch. We loved holding them and watching their downy feathers develop into mature feathers. We had such an awesome experience.

Our class was blessed to be able to host a special Grandparent’s Day in May. Forty-four guests joined us for the fun-filled day. What made this day extra special was that each 1st

and 2nd grader was able to spend some quality one on one time with their grandparents. We shared our writings of what makes our grandparents special. We enjoyed a delicious

meal prepared by our amazing school cooks, Mrs. Halverson and Mrs. Hennings. We played Twister Maze and other games, learned how to belli dance, read books, performed a musical concert, and made a craft together. Grandparents are God’s gift to children…giving generously of themselves through the years with words and hugs to ease young fears, telling lively stories that light up a child’s face. Living in faith while finding strength in God’s grace, showing each day is filled with love. Grandparents are a gift from heaven above. We had the opportunity to share God’s Word from Daniel 3. In miraculous stories

like the three men in the fiery furnace, it’s easy for the children to get the idea that the biblical characters are super-heroes. God is the Hero who saved Shadrach, Meshach, and

Abednego from the flames. God provides the same care and protection for His children

today. Jesus suffered the flames of hell for us. His death for our sins and punishment is what

rescues us and brings us forgiveness. God now rescues us through His Word and the fire

of the Holy Spirit in baptism.

As the school year comes to a close, it’s amazing to see how God has worked in the hearts of these dear 1st and 2nd graders helping them grow in their faith to love and forgive. Our

savior has given us the best gift ever - - - eternal life!

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