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1st & 2nd Grade - September 2021

Welcome to Camp Learn-a-Lot! We have 22 campers who come each day ready to learn something new!

We learned how God created the entire world and set the laws of nature in place to keep it functional and still takes care of it. Adam and Eve sinned and disobeyed God. They could not escape the effects of sin. As a result of their sin, we all are born sinners. The framework of God’s plan for our salvation rested on His covenant promise to Adam and Eve. Our Savior Jesus was the promised Messiah who came to take the punishment of our sins by His death on the cross.

We have done several experiments using parts of the plants. We planted seeds in clear containers and watched them grow. We learned that the leaf uses the sun, rain, and oxygen to make sugar which is food for the plant. We played a game identifying the part of the plant we eat. We are amazed how with just a word God created plants! We are blessed to be able to use them for food, clothing, furniture, and so many other things. Praise God for He is good!

Our field trip to the Iowa Arboretum enriched our study of plants. We made leaf rubbings, went on a nature scavenger hunt as well as planted nasturtiums. Did you know that nasturtiums are completely edible?

In English, we have been learning what is needed to make a complete sentence. We are working hard to be able to tell what type of sentence we are reading and writing. We have enjoyed writing in our journal and expressing our thoughts and feelings through our writing. It has been fun illustrating our writing and sharing the finished product with our classmates.

With help of our families, we gathered 15 different tree leaves from different locations. Then mounted them and made a tree booklet to display what we had gathered. We had fun comparing leaves we had found as we swapped books with one another. You are invited to see our booklets on display outside our classroom.

Here at Trinity, we are indeed blessed to reach out with the love of Jesus and partner with our parents in providing Christ-centered education which ministers to the needs of the whole child in nurturing them for service to God and man!

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