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3rd & 4th Grade - March

is an interesting time for our world and is a learning experience for everyone involved. After spring break, Trinity moved to online class, which is an interesting experience for an elementary school teacher. Right now, the third and fourth graders have started a new Reading BINGO challenge. Their first BINGO is due by the end of the quarter. This has been a fun way to get the students to find books and genres they like to read, because they get a taste of each genre and can find something they like to read. Most of the class enjoys the Dogman graphic novel series. Our class is also using an online library called Epic! and the class as a whole has finished 696 books since January! Reading is an easy thing to do at home and is nice to do remotely.

For grammar and math, I had to print off all of the worksheets they would need for the next three weeks. This is an interesting way to teach, because the students are basically learning the material on their own and then I am available for questions on our google classroom. It's kind of like a flipped classroom, but we can't meet in person to talk about what they learned.

I have also started using a resource called "Legends of Learning" that helps students learn science and math concept