3rd & 4th Grade - October

In third and fourth grade, we have been doing some new, fun things in October! We started making a paper slide video about the life cycles of different animals! We will be able to start filming those in the near future.

In math, we have started learning about time. We have been telling time on a digital and analog clock. We have also started to make schedules and estimate how much time we think things will take.

This month in reading, we have read a couple of new stories, one of them being

"Grandma's Records," which is about a boy who lives with his grandma in the summers and gets to listen to Puerto Rican music and learn about his culture. We have also continued to read our class chapter book and we are about half way done with that, which is really exciting!

In art, we are doing some water color with tree silhouettes. In music, the choir is learning "In Christ Alone" and we are working on singing with dynamics, which is going really well, and they will get their first Christmas piece this week! We will be singing it in chapel on Wednesday and I am very excited to showcase our hard work!

The 3/4th graders have a field trip tomorrow to Des Moines for a tap dancing show and that will be our last scheduled field trip of this semester, but I hope to have  another one in the near future!

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