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3rd & 4th Grade - September 2021

Welcome to 3rd and 4th grade!

We have 23 students this year, which is a lot of fun! 15 are 4th graders and 8 are 3rd graders. The fourth graders have really stepped into a leadership role and are very helpful to our third graders and new students.

The beginning of the year is always taken up mostly with learning routines and how the classroom functions. This year has kind of been a struggle learning our routines since Mrs. Yox has been out a few times due to sickness. However, we are finally hitting a stride and are getting better at knowing what to do. This is good because both grades are going to be ready to start book clubs within the next couple of weeks.

Mrs. Yox looooooves book clubs because they are a great way to monitor comprehension and have students read at home! Plus the books are fun reads and usually cause good discussions. Book clubs are also great because they require everyone to do some reading at home. We have been reading stories from our basal readers the last few weeks. Some of the stories we have read are "The Lost and Found" where three kids go on an adventure into a lost and found with a cave, river, and many rooms, to find a lost lucky hat.

We have also read a story about the Titanic, which the fourth graders loved! We are also working on consonant blends in phonics and just finished up how to write a good sentence in grammar.

For math this year, fourth grade is with Miss S and third grade stays with Mrs. Yox. We have started a new curriculum, which has been an adventure to figure out. We have jumped right into multiplication and division, which is kind of a struggle, but we are figuring it out, one lesson at a time.

For science, we are already working on our first paper slide video about the parts of a flower, and the life cycle of a flowering plant. These will include information about how flowering plants reproduce and grow.

In social studies, we are learning about the landmarks and weather in different regions around the United States. We just leveled up our first character on go noodle by doing dances as a class as a brain break.

In religion, we are learning the books of the bible in order, and how to find bible verses. We are also going to be learning about the fruits of the spirit and how to apply those in our daily lives. We are so excited to see what learning next month brings!

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