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3rd Grade - December 2020

In third grade, we are still doing our book clubs and most of us are half-way done with our books. One group has already finished their book and will be completing a final google slide project after Christmas. We also just finished learning about adjectives and adverbs and will start our next unit after Christmas. We are also still learning our cursive letters in handwriting and are about a third of the way done with the alphabet.

In math, we are starting multiplication and have learned factors of 2 and 5 so far. We are so excited to continue learning multiplication and to be done learning about subtraction! We love playing math games and doing differentiated math learning on Freckle.

We just finished learning about the 3 branches of government through escape rooms in social studies and will start a new community project soon.

In science, we have started learning about matter, physical and chemical changes, and mixtures. We have done a lab on mass and will do another lab about the three states of matter soon.

We have started coding recently on and are having a lot of fun using our critical thinking skills to solve these problems!

We are looking forward to our Christmas break to celebrate the birth of Christ with our families.

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