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4th - 8th Grade - October 2020

Hello! Fourth and Fifth grade students have finished up the Nature’s Fury reading theme and are busy studying tall tales, even writing one of their own!

Although that has captured the students’ attention and creativity, they have been engrossed in the factual account of Jonathan, the devoted and loyal companion of David. In this biblical account the students have been presented with the topics surrounding devotion, loyalty, honor, and integrity. God certainly cares for his children, Oh, how we must abide in Him at all times! 

These lessons are further exemplified in our religious studies covering the accounts of Joseph, Job, and Moses. Elisha is the next historical figure in our Unshakable Identity in Christ Devotion.

Sixth grade students are still studying the theme of courage in their reading. They have just completed parts of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AVI. They have been using strategies to make judgements and draw conclusions based on connecting the text to personal knowledge and beliefs. Moving forward they are beginning to study poetry and will write their own.

Seventh and Eighth grade students are studying the author's purpose in written works. They are learning how to associate historical events to an author's perspective as well to gain more insight into an author’s intent.

All classes, 4th grade and above, will start a pen pal program in cooperation with RSVP.

In language arts we are learning and practicing a variety of comprehension techniques in order to better understand what we are reading.  We are learning about appositives, nouns, predicates, and all the other jazz that makes writing interesting and technical.

We are especially excited for our Social studies lessons on ancient cultures such as the Mesopotamia civilization. We will be building ziggurats using clay bricks formed from ice cube trays. We love building things. Obviously, we are also busy discussing and understanding the ins and outs of our American government with an emphasis on the upcoming elections.

We will be setting up a voting booth and experience for the Trinity students to get an up-close look at being a voter.

In Science we just finished a unit on viruses and bacteria. Yeah, the gross stuff.

Fun fact:  bacteria is larger than a virus.

Fun fact: not all viruses are contagious.

Fun fact: not all bacteria is bad for you.

Fun fact: pickles taste good, pickles have bacteria in them.

Fun fact: bacteria is all around you.

6th graders have been working on the classification of leaves. Not only did we study photosynthesis but we even extracted chlorophyll and anthocyanin from some leaves to get an up-close look at what gives leaves their colors. Fun fact: leaves change color due to the loss of daylight in the fall.

In math we are working with inequalities, multi-step equations, operations with decimals and getting stronger and stronger at our mental math recall. Try this math riddle to get your brain going. “Add me to myself and multiply by 4. Divide me by 8 and you will have me once more. What number am I?”

“Peace through service” is the theme of this year’s peace poster contest sponsored by the Lion’s Club. Looking at the idea of peace on a worldly scale has given us a variety of ideas for our posters. The conversations and the brainstorming is a great way for us to get bigger and better ideas for our projects. We look forward to displaying them when we are finished. Until then you’ll have to enjoy the giant Bitmojis outside our classroom. 

We have completed our Bible study based on finding our identity in Christ and have started a Bible study based on the book “Gory Deaths” of the Bible written by Jonathon Schkade. We are excited to learn more from Mr. Schkade especially since we were able to meet with him last spring via “Zoom”. He has such a unique take on the Bible stories that it’s fun to hear from such a different perspective. 

We are excited for this team of 6th-8th graders to share their leadership and creativity with us this year as Student Council representatives: Co-presidents: Addie Tungesvik, Linnea Trudeau, Vice: Kira Majak, Secretary: Jaidyn Hennings, Treasurer: Roddrick Anderson, Communications: Olivia Halverson, Bethany Van Dyke

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