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5th - 8th Grade - May


by Camryn Askelsen

Goodbye 5th grade,

it was fun!

I will miss you.

6th grade is inviting me!

My journey was long

but now we are done.

It is time to say goodbye.

Next year you will have a whole new bunch.

Hope the drama doesn't overwhelm you!

I loved it and will miss it,

but you must move on.

All good things must come to an end.

Hello, Summer!

- by Camryn Askelsen

Ode to the School Year

by Hallie Pratt

1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 4!

All them went by fast so far,

Friends and fun and homework, too!

And all the thanks we give to who?


Thank you teachers for the work

Thank you teachers for the fun,

Thank you teachers for everything,

and thank you everyone!

We have learned and played,

Shared things that we have made,

laughs, and cries,

and friends as well,

this year so far has gone Quite swell,

I do not want this year to end,

I’ll sadly say goodbye to some friends!

Thank you for 6th grade,

and all the progress that we made,

we owe it all to you, so thank YOU for a great

year once more!

- by Hallie Pratt

Mrs. Moeller’s Retirement

by Tatum Waltz

After 44 years of teaching Jan Moeller is finally ready to retire from being a 3rd and 4th

grade teacher. We will miss her very much!

From the 1st day of school to the last day of school, Mrs. Moeller has worked her hardest.

Working 50 to 60 hours a week teaching and preparing lessons, she has taught many subjects over the years. Mrs. Moeller has enjoyed teaching math the most.

Mrs. Moeller also has a special talent with teaching 3rd-8th grade choir. Every year she

teaches a K-8th grade operetta play. Each year there is a different play that each student can have a part in to glorify God. Mrs. Moeller’s favorite operetta was The Wizard of Oz.

You may only know Mrs. Moeller as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher, but she has also been a 1st and 2nd grade teacher during her many years of educating young minds. We all know that she will be missed in every grade.

Mrs. Moeller has had many memories but one of her least favorite memories was when a

student went up for seconds in the cafeteria and came back and hurled all over Mrs. Moeller! That awful moment is greatly outweighed by the many positives. Jan Moeller has said, “One of the greatest feelings is when a student understands the subject, and gets that “Yes! I got it!” feeling.”

Our 3rd and 4th grade teacher will be missed, and we all wish you well! God bless you

Mrs. Moeller!

Ms. Principal

by Abby Shaver

Miss Schroeder, commonly known as Miss S, is the principal and a teacher at Trinity

Lutheran School. She has been teaching for 21 years!

The classes she had to take to become a teacher include a Bachelor’s degree in

science and in education, which involved classes in both instruction techniques, content

knowledge for the understanding of kids.

As a principal, Miss S needs a Masters in Educational Leadership and classes that

include administration practices, understanding, and understanding data, lots of leadership classes (such as visionary leadership, instructional leadership.) She has been taking classes to finish her Master’s in Education Leadership this year.

Miss S Trivia:

1. How many siblings does she have?

2. What kind of dogs does she have and what are their names?

3. What is her favorite color?


1. 5 siblings.

2. Two dogs named Margo and True, and they are Bulldogs.

3. Favorite color is red.

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