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5th Grade

Cale- Art

Right now in art we are working on decorating bottles. We are taking everything off the bottle and then we covered the bottle in tissue paper or shoe polished over tape while others used a paint and glue solution inside the bottle to give it color. We will finish by putting the Nativity design on each bottle. It will look good as a finished product. The projects are for our families for Christmas.

Kayleigh- Religion

We are finishing our paper slides in religion; a paper slide is pretty much a slideshow only made out of paper. We all are creating biblical story slides. Jaidyn and I are doing “Elijah and the Contest”, which is about God putting Elijah up to a little contest. He had Elijah challenge 450 of Queen Jezebel's prophets of Baal to a little contest. First you think of what you are going to draw, and then you draw it. After that you cut them out, then you figure out a background, then lastly you show it.


Right now in math we are learning about multiplying and dividing decimals and money. We are also learning how to do story problems backwards. We are learning how to multiply and divide mentally. Those are the basics of what we are learning in math right now.


In reading class we are reading about the Boston Tea Party and about the British and the rebels fighting for rights. The British are taking off every tax but the tax on tea. King George the 3, knew that colonists loved tea so he kept that tax. Also we are reading about British marching into Concord and looking for money that were kept for the taxing and weapons because they were getting ready for the fight of Bunker Hill.


We’re learning about elements and atoms in science. We’ve learned about which elements make up something, for example, 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom makes H2O(water)! We also put oil in water and the liquids separated, then we put food coloring, but it didn't color the oil because it’s more dense than the water.

English & Spelling-Taylor

We are half-way through our spelling tests for the year! We continue to work on spelling rules, compound words and words that we just have memorize. Sometimes spelling makes no sense. We are learning about declarative, imperative and exclamatory sentences in English. We continue to write to our pen pals and how to write complete sentences to answer questions. Organizing ideas into paragraphs and stuff like that is our focus.

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