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6th - 8th Innovation Nation

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

From TLS 8th grade graduates of 2021:

For the past years of our lives, we have been learning and growing here at Trinity Lutheran School. At the core of our education, we have been taught Christian values that include loving Jesus, loving others, and loving ourselves. The varying age differences between grades have helped all of us to understand, bond, and care for kids younger than us. We have learned how to grow friendships and be kind to others. Trinity has shown us how to volunteer and help out for good causes. We have learned that we can do anything and that Christ will always be there right beside us as we go through good and bad times. We’ve learned to love our neighbor just as we love ourselves, and most of all that God is the only way.

Trinity has not only prepared us academically for high school but has taught us to reach for our goals. We’ve learned how to work quickly and efficiently. We’ve learned how to lose and how to be humble winners. We’ve learned the power of our words and the power of friendship. We will continue to grow in our Christian faith as we go on to high school. Thank you to all of our supporters for making our time at Trinity an experience that will last our lifetime and beyond!

-Ethan, Addie, Linnea, Hallie, Isaac, Kira

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