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7th & 8th Grade - September

Welcome back to school!

What are the 7th and 8th graders are up to? We haven’t wasted any time in getting into the swing of the new year.

In 7th grade Math, we are learning and practicing using the Order of Operations, using Integers, and mastering the metric system. In 8th grade math, we are learning Algebra and Pre-algebra. We are working with variables, solving equations and writing inequalities.

In Science, we are all learning about Investigations, and how to complete and make one.

In English, we are learning about the subjects and predicates in a sentence.

In reading, we just finished a book called Maniac Magee, and the 8th graders are still reading Johnny Tremain.

In writing, we are writing a personal narrative. Our personal narrative is about a time when you lead someone or showed compassion to someone.

In spelling, we are writing all our words in the spelling list of the week, once in our planner, and once in our notebook.

In social studies, we are learning about the invaders and warriors like the Vikings. We are also learning about Physical Europe, France, and what places all the Vikings went through.

In choir, we learned the song “I Am” that we sang at our Pastors 40th anniversary, and it was a beautiful song.

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