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1st & 2nd Grade - September 2020

Welcome to the Victory Chronicles! Our classroom theme centers around the victory we have in Jesus our Savior and King! 1 Corinthians 15:57 “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

We are all children of the King, God our heavenly Father. We are blessed to be together! The start of our school year has been an exciting one as we welcome new friends and get reconnected with our old friends.

We have had fun learning to use and read graphs. We have graphed our favorite foods, types of shoes we were wearing and activities we enjoy doing. In math we have also been working with creating number sentences, number families, and patterning.

In English we have been learning what is needed to make a complete sentence and what correct punctuation is needed at the end of each sentence. We have learned a sentence has two parts: the subject – who or what the sentence is about – and the predicate, which completes the idea about the subject – what it does or what it is like. We have enjoyed writing in our journals and expressing our thoughts and feelings through our writing. It has been fun illustrating our own writing and sharing our finished project with our classmates.

Our first field trip ended up being an inside field trip due to the much-needed rain. We had a fun filled afternoon learning all about insects through many activities. We tried to identify various insects and made insects that jumped high into the air. We learned how various insects eat by chomping, siphoning, and sucking. We got to try eating that way also – that was both fun and tasty! We created our own life cycle of a butterfly.

Each of us put together a collection of a wide variety of insects that we had fun sharing with our classmates. Please stop by our classroom and take a look at our display.

We look forward to our STEM class on Friday. We engineered and built our own apple tower using toothpicks and apple chunks. We learned about chain reactions and then worked in teams to create our own. When it came time to watch the final display in action some of ours worked better than others. However, it was truly a fun process creating and working together. We are thankful to have Mrs. Tedrow, Mrs. Hilsabeck, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Messter, and Mrs. Hadaway volunteer in our classroom. These ladies are indeed a blessing to us as they share their time with us.

Here at Trinity we are indeed blessed to reach out with the love of Jesus and partner with our parents in providing a Christ – centered education which ministers to the needs of the whole child in nurturing them for service to God and man.

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