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Kindergarten - March 2021

March is such an exciting, hopeful month! We continued our lent devotions, looking forward to Jesus’ great work for us. Spring began officially, even though warm weather started first. We’ve had fun at recess, taking PE outside again, and even doing some literacy outdoors with sidewalk chalk.

In Art we’ve explored some different techniques, from paper rolling to make snails, to bleeding tissue paper to dye kites. Both of these can be found in the hallway outside our classroom: take a peek!

Science has been focused on map skills this month. We’ve learned about directions, the compass rose, and how to read a map with and without a grid. We even made a 3D map of our classroom with Legos and MagnaTiles.

Literacy continues to be a lot of the same activities. We focus on phonics, recently on “Bossy Rs” AR, ER, IR, OR and UR. Reading speed and accuracy are another main area of focus. It is fun and amazing for me to see children who came to me not able to sound out a single word just a few short months ago, now enjoying reading simple books! Their writing skills are also greatly improved!

This month in Math we finished working on addition through ten and moved on to an introduction to telling time.

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