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Kindergarten - November 2020

It's been another great month in Kindergarten! The Harvest Party on October 30 was a highlight and our room moms did a great job putting it together. We enjoyed the costume parade, yummy snacks, fun games and stories read aloud.

We’ve put a lot of thought into thankfulness this month. We are following a thankful calendar from to give us ideas on all the things we have to be thankful for, and have read many books on the subject. In addition, we wrote our own book about thankfulness! The children worked so hard on the writing and illustrating and I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve produced. The book is titled “Give Thanks” and is being published by a company called Student Treasures.

In Literacy we continue to work hard on phonics. We have started vowel blends, and sounding out CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. We’ve been practicing phonetic spelling in our journals. Pizza may be spelled “pets” or cat “kat,” as long as the children are doing the sounding out themselves. It is fun to see them gain confidence in their ability to spell words. We began literacy rotations; during this time the children are divided into groups and work on different literacy activities such as sight words, letters and CVC words, handwriting, and reading to themselves. We are working towards being able to do these activities independently so that I can do small group instruction at the same time. We finished Charlotte’s Web--the children loved it! We recently got an amaryllis and the children named it Charlotte.

The main focus in Math this month has been numbers 0-10, including ordinal numbers. We continue to work on counting by 1s and 10s and have started counting by 2s. We’ve done a lot of work on graphing and patterns.

We’ve experimented with different types of painting in art this month, including painting leaves we gathered on a Walking Wednesday, and using cotton balls to paint inside leaf stencils. We even used forks to paint a turkey tail. The stenciled project is hanging in our hallway so you can take a peak! Techie Tuesdays (STEM) we’ve explored sinking and floating, built a trap for a turkey, and had a Lego challenge. The kids LOVE doing puzzles on Thinking Thursdays.

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