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Middle School - February 2023

Fifth graders, along with Kindergarteners, hosted a chapel service about God’s love never running out... no matter what. They are studying Worship: In Liturgy and In Life in Religion.

In Language Arts, students are beginning the grammar unit Capitalization and Punctuation. In Reading, students will continue studying poetry.

Congratulations to Joseph Angeles for winning the VFW Post 817 essay contest topic about why he is proud to be an American.

In Spanish, the students have been creating games, using a variety of technology apps to conjugate verbs.

We have just finished up our week of Iowa Assessments. In honor of this great accomplishment, we invite you to take a quiz over things we have been learning about. We’ll see you on the other side. May the force BE with you… hint hint. 😊

1. What is the difference between vascular and non-vascular plants?

A. One has wings

B. One has tubes

C. All of the above

2. What is the boiling point of water in Celsius?

A. 5 degrees

B. 100 degrees

C. 212 degrees

3. Find the balance in an account when $500 is deposited at 4% interest compounded semi-annually for 2 years.

A. $511.22

B. $541.22

C. $7,076

4. Which of the following sentences includes an interjection?

A. Our coed basketball team won 2nd place at the district tournament.

B. Yoinks! Our coed basketball team won 2nd place at the district tournament.

C. Did you know we won 2nd place at the basketball tournament?

5. Which of the following is true of our first president George Washington?

A. He chopped down a cherry tree

B. He fought in the Revolutionary war

C. He had wooden teeth

6. In the year 1779 how many stars were there on the American flag?

A. There weren’t any stars

B. 13 stars

C. 50 stars

7. Would you know how to graph this inequality: 6x-4y<-12

A. Any day of the week

B. Letters in Math make it more fun (but confusing)

C. perhaps

8. What’s the difference between complementary and supplementary angles?

A. Complementary angles are less than 90 degrees, supplementary angles are all


B. Complementary angles = 90 degrees, supplementary angles= 180 degrees

C. Supplementary angles supply your pantry with food, complementary angles

compliment your wardrobe

9. Which philosopher was Plato’s student?

A. Galileo

B. Aristotle

C. Bob

10. How did Saul die?

A. His armor bearer killed him

B. He leaned on his sword

C. He was mauled by a bear

11. What person in the Bible saw two children die because they made fun of him for being bald?

A. Malachi

B. Elisha

C. Paul

12. Which of the following are a conjugated form of the Spanish word “comer” which means to eat?

A. Comoo

B. Comemos

C. Comeriski

13. How many of our questions did you get correct?

A. None

B. All of the answers were B

C. Better luck next time

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