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Preschool - September

Trinity Preschool opened its doors on September 4th to welcome many new families and many familiar faces. Forty-two families have chosen Trinity’s preschool in order to establish a Christian education for their children. This is the ministry outreach that Trinity offers! Thanks be to God!

Our over-all theme this year is “trees.” We’ve talked about the Tree of Knowledge of

Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and the fall into sin by Adam and Eve. We have also talked about the Tree of Life, which is in heaven. Bible lessons this month have focused on the six days of creation. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We are each so special to our loving Father. Vast are the thoughts of God…thoughts of each of us, more than the grains of sand the Bible tells us. Even the very hairs of our head are numbered! God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to be our atoning sacrifice and open the gates of heaven all for us.

Getting used to the school schedule and its rules has been our main agenda the first weeks of class. Children thrive on a schedule and the transition from home to school has been a smooth one. We have talked about feelings and respecting the feelings of others.

So far we have emphasized two letters and their sound…Ss and Aa. Two sight words are introduced for each letter. In Math, children have been counting to 10, sorting objects by two properties, and learning basic 2D and 3D shapes.

We are looking forward to our first field trip to Deal’s apple orchard in Jefferson. The tour is very interesting and this year, we are going to take time to “play” and see some animals. Adults enjoy going too! The scenery there is beautiful. The afternoon 4 & 5 year-olds along with the Kindergarten class are going on Monday, September 30th. The MWF class is going on Wednesday, October 2nd.

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