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Preschool - March

Meeting with all parents during conference week was great! It was a chance to celebrate successes and focus together on common goals in the next several weeks. Most children have just a few letters yet to learn by sight and some children have a couple numerals to master. The 4-year-old classes can write their name correctly and copy words easily. The 3-year-old class is practicing their name and making shapes using various writing utensils.

Spring break turned out to be different than what we planned for, but it was a chance to be with family and have a different routine. Even with this new virus, Jesus calms our fears and points us to Himself and our redemption that He accomplished for us on the cross. Easter is coming! Jesus’ resurrection makes our resurrection secure.

During these weeks of Lent, the children have learned the hymns: “The Lamb,” “Father Welcomes,” and “Lift High the Cross. The Bible lessons have covered Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, The Last Supper, His death on the cross for our sins, and His victory over our enemies (sin, death, and Satan) as He rose on Easter morning. Jesus didn’t come to be an example of how we should live, but He came full of mercy and to become our sacrificial lamb.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Our theme in March was “On the Move.” We explored many different ways of movement through song, yoga, beanbag rhythm, and exercises. Our next theme is “City and Country.”

Zach Steir, Ericson Public Librarian, visited our class as we finished up our unit on animals. He reads stories, sang songs, and got us excited about visiting the library uptown. We hope to visit there as a class soon.

The classes are learning more and more letters with their sound. The older classes have been sounding out CVC words and learning a few sight words. This can continue for the next few weeks during our online class time on the app Zoom. I start with Jesus time with prayer, Bible lesson, and song. We cover reading, math, writing, and music. I try to give the children 2 or 3 fun “assignments” to further extend their learning. We end with a prayer. It is so great to see and hear each other in this way until we can see each other again. The Lord is ever with us!

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