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Preschool - November

Parent-teacher conferences for the 4 year-olds started out the month. It was so good to talk a bit with each parent as we team up to guide and teach God’s precious children academically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. Each child is learning so much from

the weekly Bible lessons about Jesus’ love and forgiveness. Children are at various levels of

alphabetic and numeric recognition and acquisition. This takes time and practice. I will meet with the parents of the 3 year-olds in February.

Our Bible lessons this month have focused on God’s people Israel. God showed his almighty power as He convinced Pharaoh to let God’s people leave Egypt and parted the

Red Sea so they could continue safely towards the Promised Land. In the same way, God

leads us through troubles and suffering of this life to life eternal in heaven won for us by His

Son. God listened to the people’s grumbling and provided manna, quail and water. God

daily provides for our every need of body and soul. God gave Moses the 10 commandments as a guide, rule and a curb at the same time as His people were greatly sinning. Just as the Israelites were to look to the bronze snake lifted up to be saved, we are to look to Christ lifted upon the cross in atonement for our sin. Only Jesus kept the 10 commandments perfectly.

In Math, the classes have been enjoying sorting and graphing small objects of different

shape and color. We also graph larger objects on the floor graph and compare amounts

and label with numerals.

Our focus on the five senses as our theme proved to be pretty fun as we guessed which classmate was speaking, guessed what aroma we were smelling, and which object we were touching in a bag, No peeking! We try tasting new flavors at snack time…a big thank you to the parents for such healthy and different snacks!

Our Thanksgiving feast will be Monday, November 25, for both the morning and afternoon classes. We will act out the first Thanksgiving in paper costumes we have made. An appropriate snack of turkey, fruit, pumpkin & banana bread was served by the room parents. Thank you to all that helped. All classes are preparing for our Preschool Christmas Service which is Thursday, December 19, at 6:30.

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