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Preschool - October

The trees are beautiful right now!!:) What splendor the Lord allows us to see! We took advantage of the beauty and the weather and took to the “outdoor classroom.” The MWF class walked to businesses in the neighborhood also extending our unit on community helpers. The afternoon class will walk to the same businesses on Wednesday, the 23rd: Casey’s, Barkmeier’s, Jackson Medical, The Mirror Image, and Whistle Stop. The 3’s will have recess, snack between our building and the church, and will walk around the block this fall, saving our longer excursions for next spring.

During Jesus time, we begin with prayer, then listen to a Bible lesson from one of the children’s Bibles/CPH One in Christ teacher’s guide, and end with singing a hymn. This month’s lessons have focused on God’s promise to Abraham, God’s special blessing to Jacob, and God working in the life of Joseph (one of Jacob’s 12 sons). Through this lineage will come the Messiah, our Savior and Lord…Jesus. We have been working on memorizing the Lord’s Prayer and the following hymns: “I Am Jesus Little Lamb,” “Have No Fear Little Flock,” and “I Am Trusting You, Lord Jesus.”

The 4 seasons was another topic of study for October. Each season was emphasized and described through literature, art, song, picture cards, posters, and discussion. We found it is hard to pick a favorite season! Both 4-year-old classes went to Deal’s Apple Orchard to experience the fall delight of picking apples, observing how the apples are sorted and stored, seeing how cider is made and hearing all about why bees are needed to produce apples. One class had fun on outdoor equipment and both classes brought back a class pumpkin.

The IGDI’s pre-reading readiness test was administered to the 4-year-olds during this second month of school. The scores are compared to other preschoolers and skills attained and skills that need instruction are noted. Scores will be shared with parents at conferences next month. The 4 and 5-year-olds are being evaluated at this time on letters, numerals, counting, shapes, colors, and patterns to serve as a baseline for growth and will also be shared at conference time.

Preschool will close out the month with Harvest Parties on 31st and Nov.1st. The children are so looking forward to this! We will parade through the other classrooms. We will also have a little lesson on Martin Luther to commemorate the Reformation.

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