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What is RaiseRight? The Trinity RaiseRight Program is a fundraising tool using gift cards to various local and national stores. Participating stores donate a percentage of the gift card value back to our school. For example - Colorado Grill donates 10% back to Trinity. So, if you purchase a $100 gift card to Colorado Grill through our school, they donate $10 back to Trinity. Half of that donated amount stays in the Trinity RaiseRight account, the other half may be donated to a fund of your choice within the school or church.
How to Setup a RaiseRight Account: In order to participate in RaiseRight, you must sign up to have a RaiseRight account. Visit or download the RaiseRight app, enter the enrollment code (to get this code please contact Megan), and follow the prompts/steps to create your account. 
Now What? After your RaiseRight account is set up, you are ready to start purchasing RaiseRight gift cards and fundraising for our school!
You can get RaiseRight cards a few ways:
  1. Visit Megan Messler in the church office and ask to shop from many popular cards that we keep on hand for immediate purchase. Pay Megan and receive your cards immediately.
  2. If we don’t have what you want in stock, you can order it through RaiseRight. RaiseRight has TONS of retailers offered on their website. Physical card orders must be placed online or given to Megan NO LATER than 9:00 am Monday mornings. Physical cards are mailed from our National RaiseRight Retailer and arrive at our school by 3:00 pm on Wednesday every week. Orders will then be sent home with students or left in the church office with Megan for pick up at your convenience.
  3. RaiseRight also offers RaiseRight Now cards, digital gift cards that are delivered directly to your computer for printout or to your phone. These can be purchased online at or via your phone.

Please contact Megan Messler (515.709.0682 or
with any questions regarding the RaiseRight Program

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