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Trinity Activities

Trinity Lutheran School challenges its students to go beyond the basic curriculum in a variety of areas. We challenge our students to embrace opportunities to use their God-given talents and abilities in athletics, music, drama, and many other areas to help each individual student to work to their greatest potential and develop leadership skills that enable them to direct and participate in activities that can change the world for Christ.

Co-curriculars include our athletic program, student council, choir, band, orchestra, and drama. We encourage students to do the things they love and also try new things to help discover what their future can hold.

In our small school setting, students can choose to be involved in many different activities. They don't have to be just a music student, just an athlete, or just an artist. In fact, involvement in athletics, organizations, and clubs helps our students better-set goals, organize their time, and accomplish great things both in and out of the classroom.


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