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Celebrating 150 Years of
Trinity Lutheran School

We are incredibly blessed to have celebrated the 150th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran School during the 2022-2023 school year. Education was a key aspect of Martin Luther’s intention to make scripture accessible and to train children in the faith. Today, our school continues to grow as we continue our mission of providing a Christ-centered education.

Whether you are one of the thousands of students we proudly educated in the Christian faith and provided a top-tier education to in the last 150 years, a current student, the parent of a student (past or present), a congregation member, or part of our Boone community, we pray that you celebrate with us and thank God for all His blessings bestowed upon Trinity Lutheran School.

Throughout the year, we will have events, projects, etc., to celebrate the 150th year of our school. We invite all (alumni, students, congregation, community members) to join us for any and all events. Thank you for your prayers and support of Trinity Lutheran School.

Since 1872, Trinity Lutheran School has sent out graduates who are strong and secure Christian disciples and witnesses with a foundation of academic excellence. We are proud of the many ways that our alumni have used the talents with which God has blessed them!

We want to stay in touch with our former students. We encourage and welcome you to visit our school and participate in school events. If you are a TLS graduate, we as that you take an opportunity to update your contact information and keep us informed about your families and lives post-graduation by filling out the form.

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