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School Lunch

Grains: Whole grains give kids B vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help them feel fuller longer so they stay alert to concentrate at school.

Protein Foods: Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, peas, eggs, nuts, and seeds provide many nutrients including protein and iron. Portion sizes are based upon the nutrition needs of children in various grade groups. School meals also allow cheese, tofu, and yogurt to count as the meat/meat alternate in the school lunch.

Vegetables: A variety of vegetables helps kids get the nutrients and fiber they need for good health.

Fruits: Every school lunch includes fruits as well as vegetables. Only ½ of the fruits offered may be 100% juice, since whole and cut-up fruits have more fiber.

Milk: Low-fat (1%) or Fat-free milk. Children and teens need the calcium, protein, and vitamin D found in milk for strong bones, teeth and muscles.

Student Lunch - $3.20
Visitor - $5.00

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(Please note that you must enter your total amount due in the blank below the suggested amounts. Although it says "your donation," it is considered a payment, not a donation)

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