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1st & 2nd Grade - January

I am most grateful for the opportunity God has given me to share Jesus’ amazing

love with the students at Trinity and their families. It is such a blessing to be able to

share God’s great love, forgiveness and saving grace of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, on a daily basis with our students. Here at Trinity we educate for eternity!

We are extremely grateful to our congregation and the parents of our students for the opportunity we have in sharing God’s grace and mercy as we provide the spiritual and education preparations of the next generation of faithful Christian servants.

In 1st and 2nd grade we looked at Luke 2:41-52. We saw that Jesus was a real boy

who grew up just like us. Although Jesus is true human, He is also true God, as we see in

His response to Mary in the temple. Jesus wasn’t lost, He was in His Father’s house. He willingly returned to Nazareth, and Luke writes that Jesus grew up physically and spiritually in the eyes of God and man. Jesus’ ultimate act of obedience took Him to the cross where He died to win us forgiveness for all sin.

We had fun taking a picture of a food item and using as many adjectives as we could

think of to describe the size, taste, smell, color and feel of it. Come by our classroom and see our work.

1st Grade math led us working with the adding and subtracting of doubles and fact

families. 2nd Grade has been working with the value of coins, using the fewest coins possible, and counting back change as we pretended to buy various items. Through our study we can see real life applications of math in our lives.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading some fiction stories: Officer Buckle and Gloria was a favorite. This was a very funny story which used humor to teach us about safety rules. We enjoy reading, especially when we get to partner with classmates.

We had fun creating penguins with salt dough and light bulbs. They seemed to take on a personality of their own. Come by our classroom to see our arctic display of cute penguins.

The end of January our school, along with nearly 2,000 other Lutheran schools celebrated National Lutheran School’s Week. That gave us an opportunity to proclaim the many blessings Trinity Lutheran School has to offer within the community we serve. We are

truly blessed with JOY: FULLY REDEEMED!

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