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1st & 2nd Grade - March

We have been healed of a sickness that kept us in darkness, the sickness of our sin. In fact, Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross for us. Still that wasn’t the end. Like Lazarus, Jesus rose from the dead. Lazarus rose only to life on earth; Jesus rose to give us life with Him in heaven. We, too, cry out to Jesus to “have mercy on us.” There are times throughout our lives when we may need physical healing. Daily, we need spiritual healing because of our sin sickness. On our own, we cannot clean sin from our hearts. But Jesus can and does! He heals us of all our sins, renews us, and restores us so we live for Him and follow Him. Jesus does all this, not because we deserve it, but because He loves us! That’s His wonderful grace and mercy.

We have been working hard on learning our tens and ones with regrouping. We love using base ten blocks to help us visualize the process of regrouping. 2nd grade has been

practicing mastering addition and subtraction with and without regrouping of 2 digit numbers.

We are becoming better writers by understanding the use of commas when writing dates and locations. Using different adjectives to add details is helping to make our writing more interesting. 2nd grade is even adding quotation marks into their writing. “Learning is fun!” said the 2nd graders.

Art continues to be a favorite subject of ours. We were excited to create our own fish species using crayon resist with paint. We also recently studied the use of positive and negative space in making a more interesting composition. We find great joy in creating things and expressing ourselves.

We traveled to the State Historical Museum and discovered Iowa’s rich heritage through a variety of exhibits and collections. We learned about life in Iowa before it became a state and the many changes that took place when settlers arrived. One of our favorite spots in the museum was the discovery center. We were able to sit on a full size tractor, make rubbings of the state flower, bird, and capitol, washed clothes with a washboard and ironed with an old fashioned iron. We tried our hand at plowing and churning butter. The artifacts were really interesting.

Next, we climbed the hill to the Iowa State Capitol. We had an amazing tour guide. She made a point to let us know that the capitol is our house and we can come there anytime. The Iowa Capitol is the only state capitol with 5 domes and is one of 10 state capitols with a gold dome. The Iowa Capitol dome has been gilded 5 times. Our tour guide told us that if you put all the gold leaf from the Capitol into a ball it would be the size of a softball. We learned a lot of history about our house (our state Capitol). We were very impressed with the gorgeous wood and marble carvings as well as the beautiful paintings and chandeliers. Displayed on the first floor was a model of the battleship USS Iowa. Commissioned in 1943 it served in World War II, The Korean War, and through the Cold War. It was very interesting to hear all the stories behind that Navy ship. If you haven’t been to our State Capitol you should go – remember it’s your house too!

Dear Heavenly Father, Bless all those in government who serve your people. Give them wisdom to seek Your Word and Will. Also be with those in the military who guard and protect our country. Please bless and protect those servants with Your almighty hand.

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