1st & 2nd Grade - October 2020

Each and every school day of 1st & 2nd Grade is action packed – filled with so much learning. We use games, rhymes, songs, books, manipulatives, YouTube videos, experiments, partner interactions and off-site adventures to help enhance and reinforce the learning process.

We traveled to the Blank Park Zoo to view the animal kingdom up close and personal. As we traveled through the zoo in two different groups, we identified animals within their various classes (mammals, fish, birds, insects, amphibians, and reptiles). We were able to feed the goats. Also, due to the cool weather the animals were very active and fun to watch! We were blessed to have Mr. & Mrs. Abbas, Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Cartagena, Mr. Dunker, Mrs. Hanson, Mr. Leeck, Mrs. MacDougall, and Mrs. Westrum join us for this amazing day exploring God’s amazing creatures.

We have worked with nouns, pronouns, and singular and plural possessives. Adding details to our writing helps to enhance the written page. We enjoy sharing our writing and illustrations with our classmates.

We have been introduced to the aspects of life in a neighborhood and community where people work and play. Then we looked at the cities we live in (Boone, Ogden, and Ames). Next, we moved onto our state – Iowa, country – U.S.A., and continent – North America.

Our art lessons have taken on a fall theme. We used Zentangle to make creative pumpkins. Glue and watercolors to replicate fall leaves. Acrylic paint and crayons to create fall trees using foil as a paint brush. Then with construction paper each of us came up with our own unique jack-o-lantern faces. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. God’s colorful handiwork everywhere you go!

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