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1st Grade - April 2023

What another great month! We have started writing a lot more. We wrote about our spring break trips, things that make us happy, and some of our favorite things. After we wrote

our stories, we got to share them with our friends!

For social studies we have started learning about different jobs people do. We talked about jobs that we do at home, like cleaning our rooms and jobs we do at school, like learning. We also learned some new words like volunteer, transportation, and services.

In math, we are learning about the greater than and less than sign. We started comparing all sorts of numbers. We have also started adding big numbers together like 30+40. Our teacher has taught us a cool trick to use.

In reading we have continued to read our geode books. Around Easter time, we were reading books about rabbits and hares. One of the books was Draw a Rabbit so we read the book and then step by step we drew the rabbit we read about! Now we are reading books about the wind. We learned about how seeds can move from the wind, we learned about how wind is formed and measured, we learned about how wind can form yardangs, and we learned how the wind helps birds fly.

In Art, we used beans to make a picture. Some of us made animals, some of us made people, some of us made different objects. After we glued the beans down, we got to paint

them. Then we made a Palm Sunday craft by tracing our hand and turning it into a palm

frond. For Easter, we painted a sunrise on a paper plate and then made three crosses with

black paper. We also got to do a watercolor painting for spring. First, we drew our background of flowers, birds, trees, bees, and butterflies, and then we painted them. First

grade loves to paint!

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