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1st Grade - January 2023

The first graders had a big change this past month. They got a new teacher! The first graders have done such a wonderful job with this big change. We also have started new routines!

For reading, we have started digging into our Geode books. They have so many wonderful stories about people and places around the world. The last book we read brought us into how God created each one of us in His own way. He created us so that we are different in the way we look, the way we think, and the way we do things! We also have been working really hard on our sight words.

For math, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We found that number lines really help us!

We started a science lesson on states of matter and did many fun experiments. For one experiment, we got to make bubbles, and for another one, we got to see the water evaporate from salt water. Guess what was left! Just the salt.

For social students, we started a new unit about communities. We are learning about our school community, the community we live in, and other communities around the world.

Along with learning, we also got to do a lot of art projects! We made ice skates, stained glass crosses, skiers, and a lot of our own creations.

For PE, we started a unit about hockey since it is winter! We learned that you must keep your eyes up, two hands off the stick, and to keep the sticks on the ground.

We also had a big week at the end of January. It was National Lutheran Schools Week. We displayed our artwork along with some of our schoolwork. We displayed How to Build A Snowman books, states of matter activities, and our favorite books and games we play!

We also had a goose chase, a pep rally, and a movie day! Three special guests also came to visit. First, we had Pastor Bob Riggert come for our chapel service on the 18th. Then we had Chad Elliot visit on the 24th. Last, we had Pastor Dean Schroeder lead our chapel service on the 25th with a fun art activity after! What an amazing week that was!

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