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1st Grade - March 2023

What another great month! We wrote pen pal letters to alumni and received a reply! We spent this month perfecting our letter back! We can’t wait for another letter back.

For science, we have started to learn about sound, light and heat. First, we learned about sound. Before spring break, we made instruments to bring to school. All of us got to play our instruments in front of our friends. Then we got in groups and made a band with each other. It was so much fun. It was amazing seeing what instruments the first graders came up with! We are now learning about light and how shadows are made.

In math, we are starting to work with numbers in the hundreds. We also are starting to add and subtract up to 20. We are working really hard!

In reading we have continued to read our geode books. We are still learning about animals. This month we have read about birds, fish, sheep, lizards, sharks and slugs. It is amazing how God created each animal.

We also celebrated Read Across America Week. We got to dress up each day of the week. We also read Dr. Suess books. There are so many good ones, but a class favorite is Green Eggs and Ham. We also drew Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat. What a fun week that was!

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