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1st Grade - May 2023

What another great month! It feels like this month has flown by. We have spent this last month having so much fun!

In May, we took a field trip to the science center in Des Moines. It was a blast! Our favorite room there was When Things Get Moving. We were able to build rockets, play with water, and make an egg drop. We also loved the small discovery room which has a grocery store to play with and bubbles! It was a trip to remember. We also had an all-school track meet. We enjoyed spending the day outside doing some fun activities like races, jump roping, and softball throws. For our last field trip, we went to Ledges. It was a fun time being with our friends. We got to have a class picnic, play lots of fun games, and go on a hike. 

We have been reading so much more this month! We have learned so much through our reading. First grade really loves Geode books. This month we learned about wind; such as how it can move seeds, help birds, and help kites fly. We loved learning about the kites. We watched an amazing video that showed us kites we’ve never seen before! Then, we started reading about famous people like The Wright Brothers and Mondrian. Mondrian was an artist who only used lines and primary colors. We also learned about storms such as hurricanes and dust storms. Lastly, we started reading fairy tales. Our favorite was Cinderella. We even got to have a movie day so we could watch Cinderella

In science we enjoyed learning about how God made the stars and moon. We learned about the moon cycle. Did you know it takes 1 month for a full moon cycle?! We also learned about the Big Dipper and the North Star. Did you know the North Star can help lead you home? For our last science unit, we made a marble maze. First, we drew one as a whole class and then we got to go home and make one with our families. We brought them to school to show our friends. 

In math, we learned how to add 10’s and subtract 10’s. We learned how to draw pictures, use a number line, and use a 100’s chart to help us solve the problems. After we finished these lessons, we finished the year off learning about money.

For art, we enjoyed making a lot of crafts. One thing we made was a spring painting. We drew flowers, trees, the sun, and grass  and then got to paint it with our watercolors. We all painted them a different way. Then we made our mom’s a craft for Mother’s Day. Some of us made flowers and some of us made hearts. We also got the pleasure to listen to Rhea Sprecher, who was a TLS alumni. She taught us about the artist Claude Monet. Then we made beautiful gardens. The last art project we did was a project relating to Mondrian (the artist we read about). We had to use lines and primary colors to make a picture. All of the pictures were unique, just like how God made each of us unique!

I am so proud of the first graders and how much they have grown this year. They will be amazing second graders!

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