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1st Grade - September 2022

We had a great start to our year in first grade! The first week flew by with back to school, getting into our routine, and water day!! All the kids settled into a routine and are ready to learn and give first grade their all every day. What a great start.

This first month has been busy. In school the kids have been working hard on Fundations and learning how to read, in math, they have seen how word problems are solved and how to get information from them. Science has really "bugged" us. We have been studying what bugs are and how they fit into God's great world, even the ones with stingers. We also had a great trip to the library because reading is not just something to learn how to do, but it is in everything we do.

I am really looking forward to this fall as the kids learn and grow more.  Coming up, we

have a trip to Highbridge horse farms, learning about soccer in  P.E., many different fall STEM activities, and growing our brains in reading, math, and science. Hooray for First Grade!!

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