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2nd Grade - January 2023

I am most grateful for the opportunity God has given me to share Jesus’ amazing love with the students at Trinity and their families. It is such a blessing to be able to share God’s great love, forgiveness, and saving grace of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior, on a daily basis with our students. Here at Trinity, we educate for eternity!

We are extremely grateful to our congregation and our students' parents for the opportunities to share God’s grace and mercy as we provide spiritual and education preparations to the next generation of faithful Christian servants.

We have been enjoying using adjectives to enhance our writing as we describe how things feel, taste, smell, sound, and look. We wrote poems using a plethora of adjectives to describe animals. Then looked at foods to detail how they looked, smelled, tasted, sounded, and felt.

In our Social Studies unit: “Work, Work, Work” we were introduced to the concepts of jobs at home and at school and explored basic economic concepts related to how people work to fulfill their economic needs and wants. With the help of Vicki Hennings, Raylene O’Tool, Emma Westrum, Cheryl Meester, Gail Hilsabeck, Karen Page, and Janet Perry we took a closer look at jobs in the Boone Community and interviewed a wide variety of community workers.

This was a fun, exciting, interesting, and informative class project. We learned more clearly how each member of our community plays a vital role in supporting and blessing our community. Thank you, God, for these people and how you bless us through each of these vocations!

As part of our 150th Anniversary celebration of the beginning of our school, each student in grades K-8 were given the name of an alumni to adopt as a pen pal. Our class was thrilled to have already received 7 letters back. It has been fun to hear about their experiences when they were students at Trinity.

We spent a fun day exploring all the amazing exhibits at the Science Center of Iowa. We kept engaged and inspired with giant dinosaurs and fossils, a space section, physic adventures like paper rockets, Lego architecture, ice skating, bat cave, nature walk with animals of Iowa, giant bubbles and grocery exploration and so much more! All these hands-on adventures made for a wonderful day of bringing science to life!

At the end of January, we celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week along with over 1,800 other Lutheran schools. We had the privilege of singing at both Divine Services to start the week off. Our students also shared their musical talents during a choir concert. We also enjoyed several activities planned for us during the week: a goose chase game with other Lutheran schools, a guest artist/song writer Chad Elliott, a special chapel service followed by an all school art activity & BINGO. Our school spirit day ended with a pep rally. We then ended this special week with our basketball teams and cheerleaders participating at the Iowa District West Basketball Tournament. For those remaining at school it was pajama day with an all-school afternoon movie. We loved celebrating with our Trinity family the many blessings of our school!

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