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3rd & 4th Grade - April 2022

This month in 3rd and 4th grade, we finished our second book club. For our final project, we are redesigning the book cover of the book we read. It is National Poetry month, so we are also learning about the elements of poetry! We will end the unit by writing our poem about a color. We have a few students who have already completed their BINGO for the semester, and one student has gotten a black out already! We love to read in 3rd and 4th grade. Speaking of reading, we just finished our class read-aloud book, which the students LOVED! We read "Holes," and we loved it so much that we were sad when it was time to stop reading it for the day and move on. We are learning an idiom a day and started talking about figurative language as we start learning about poetry.

In Science, we are learning about the solar system and will end the unit with a paper slide video, which is a collaborative project where they write a script and draw pictures to show in their video. We did one when we learned about animals, and they turned out great. We love to watch a video that compares objects in our solar system to other known stars. Comparing our planet to other giant things in the solar system really makes us feel small and makes God even more awesome.

We are finishing up our Social Studies State project. Each student is researching a state and presenting information on that state to the class. They have to convince Mrs. Yox and her friend to go to their state first. They drew their own map of the state, researched cities that they would like to go to, the region the state is in, 5 historical facts about the state, etc. Most are doing a google slide show, but some are doing posters, paper slide videos, collages, and skits. We will start presenting the first week of May.

The third graders are learning about picture graphs and bar graphs in math. They collected data from classmates and put them into graphs. They can also read picture graphs and scaled bar graphs. Math has been quite difficult this year, but they are persevering and still learning.

We are looking forward to celebrating our risen Savior in our class Easter parties on Friday afternoon.

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