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3rd & 4th Grade - December

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Happy New Year! We are thankful for another new beginning! We are thankful for the forgiveness given to us through our Savior Jesus Christ. We are thankful for the forgiveness that we show to each other daily as we work together and learn more about God’s plans for us.

The month of December went by very quickly. We enjoyed leading a Christmas worship service along with the rest of the K-8th graders. This year our service, “What Child Is This?” posed a series of questions. The Bible provides us with the answers to every important question asked about our lives on earth, and our future in heaven. Jesus and the salvation he brings is the answer! We told the story of His birth and also sang some new and many familiar Christmas carols. God has blessed our choir with many strong voices and much musical ability so singing about the birth of Jesus is a real joy! Singing a little softer and listening carefully has improved our pitch and tone. We sang several 2-part songs for the worship service. A few of us even volunteered to sing in a small group with some of the older students. The song we sang took some extra work but the joy was ours in singing beautiful praise to our Savior.

In English we have chosen an animal to research for a report. After writing our report we will be making this animal out of Model Magic and painting it. We are very excited about this project.

In art we created a winter scene with cardinals using tissue paper and acrylic. After reading What Snowmen Do at Night we made snowmen pictures with construction paper. These projects have kept our hopes up for some more snow.

Part of our art time during December was spent making some Christmas crafts and cards for our families. We painted wooden cross ornaments and clay hearts. We also made a shadow manger scene with a tissue paper background.

In science both 3rd and 4th graders are working with magnets and simple machines. We love playing with magnets and building the simple machines. If only we didn’t need to study for and take tests - science would be even better! But we know it’s important to be able to put on paper what we know in our heads!

Our month of December ended with our class Christmas party. We thank the Andersons for a wonderful party. This certainly was a highlight of our month!

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