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3rd & 4th Grade - December

This month in 3/4th grade, we have been really busy! We just finished our first Language arts textbook and will be starting a reading bingo project next semester where the students will have more of a choice in what they read. They will have to do a project, or book report on their books before they can read a new one and once they get a bingo, they will get a prize!

We will be continuing our same spelling groups and adding handwriting projects to our morning block to help with better handwriting.

In math, for fourth grade, we are just reviewing multiplication and in the next unit, we will be starting division. They are very excited that we are finally learning more about multiplication. In third grade math, we are reviewing subtraction and will be starting multiplication in

the next unit. We are currently playing some math card games for math practice, which are a huge hit, and will be starting a math meeting at the beginning of our math time for more review and preparation for the upcoming units.

In Science, we are finishing up our astronomy packets and are planning on taking a trip to have a "star party" where there will be hot chocolate and telescopes to look at the stars. This is through the Boone Public Library and the students are very much looking forward to it!

We just finished learning about the three branches of government in Social Studies and will add a five minute debate at the beginning of social studies to help the students learn how to debate in a civil way and to show that not everyone agrees about everything and that's okay.

We just finished up our Christmas songs in choir and are looking forward to starting new

music for the upcoming Spring operetta! We finished the last day before break with a sing-along and a party, which was super fun and filled with a lot of sugar.

We hope everyone is having a great break and a blessed Christmas with their families!

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