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3rd & 4th Grade - December 2022

Merry Christmas! What a joyful time at school as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

In December, our class pressed on through their learning. 3rd graders learned different ways to multiply a 1-digit number by a 3 or 4-digit number and learned how to find the area of rectangles, while 4th graders tackled long division and the difficult task of complex multi-step story problems. We learned about verbs, similes, metaphors, and prepositional phrases. In Science, we did some hands-on learning to understand weathering of rocks, learned about the Ring of Fire and contrasted the worldly narrative of the origins of the world and fossils with a Biblical view of Creation.

Much time and energy was devoted to our Christmas service. Students memorized passages of Scripture, practiced their choral selections, and performed beautifully at the Christmas service on December 16th.

We welcomed a new student into our class in December. Elsie, a 3rd grader, joins us from United Community schools and brings our class count to 20. Now we have ten 3rd graders and ten 4th graders.

In 3rd and 4th grade, we have a classroom economy. Students can earn “Punchi-bucks” in a variety of ways. Punchi-bucks can be spent at one of our classroom auctions held 2x per year. We had our first auction before we left for Christmas break. Students were able to bid on items that had been donated to our classroom. Some students used their Punchi-bucks to buy gifts for their families and friends. Others bought classroom rewards like “Get-out-of-Homework” FREE passes and “Teacher’s Pet for the Day”!!!

We had a class Christmas party where students exchanged gifts with their “Secret Someone.” Our Room Moms never fail to rise to the occasion. They provided wonderful treats and activities for everyone to celebrate the end of the calendar year, all of our hard work, and of course, Christmas!

Students and teachers are eager for a restful break and will return in 2023…READY…TO….LEARN!!!

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