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3rd & 4th Grade - February

Praise God for the snow and all the fun times we have playing outdoors when the temperatures aren’t too cold. The short month of February went by so quickly! We had several days off, many late starts, and also some early dismissals. It’s hard to imagine

what a full week of school looks like anymore. We are ready to be here at school because we like our summer vacations too.

Even with the snowy weather, we were able to complete our Iowa Assessments with just an

extra day added on. Some of us thought it was hard to stay so quiet for so long and others thought staying in one spot was difficult, A few of us were bothered because we hadn’t

covered everything on the test yet this year, but everyone agreed no one could have homework because the tests were timed! We are all hoping that we did well.

We enjoyed yet another wonderful classroom party as we celebrated Valentine’s Day. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for a fun afternoon. We are blessed to have a new student in

our class. We welcome 4th grader, Tyler Nickens. His kind and loving nature has made

him instant friends with our whole class.

In math, 3rd grade continues to work on multiplication facts while the 4th grade has gone from larger multiplication problems to multi-step story problems. This is when math really gets fun and you get to think! Praise God for our wonderful brains!

The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White has become a major part of our day with in school rehearsals, after school rehearsals, and solo rehearsals at recesses. We are doing well even with snow days and shortened rehearsal times. Our performance of the songs has really improved over these past few weeks. Our speaking parts have also improved. All 2nd through 8th graders have speaking parts and most of the 1st graders have them too. We are working at speaking loud enough for everyone to hear us. Some of the speaking parts are quite funny! Please come and join us at Sacred Heart on Friday, March 1, at 6:30.

After our spring musical is complete we will be doing a crash course on instruments of the

orchestra. This will help prepare us for our next field trip to ISU. We are going to Ames the first week of March to hear the ISU Symphony Orchestra and also ISU carillonneur Tin-Shi Tam. This should be amazing! After they perform we are allowed to speak with the musicians and even use some of their instruments! We have been praying for a snow free day. Please pray for a great travel day for us, too.

Then we settle down for more regular school days. We look forward to the season of Lent. We learn again about our Savior’s suffering, death, and His resurrection which brings us forgiveness and life forever with Him. Praise God for His everlasting love!

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