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3rd & 4th Grade - February 2022

This month in 3rd and 4th grade we are starting our second book club, which is exciting because they get to read more books that they like. We are also starting some new language arts rotations that incorporate more games and play for learning as well as fun worksheets such as "spin and write" and "sentence wars". They have finished their first opinion writing and will work on a second one soon. We love using details to support our thoughts and opinions. More and more of the students have BINGOs already. We can't believe that the third quarter is almost over and we will start our last BINGO sheet in a couple weeks. We are reviewing what we have learned about nouns, verbs, and adjectives as well as correcting some of our own writing mistakes as an example of proof reading. We also love writing our own MadLibs.

In Science we are learning about the earth. We finished our weather chapter and are learning about what the earth is made of. We just got to talk about rocks and minerals and learned about properties of rocks and why they are important to know. We are really excited to start learning about space in the next couple weeks.

In Social Studies, we are finishing up Black History Month as well as learning about maps. We are looking forward to starting our final project next quarter on different countries and cultures.

We started coding with Mr. Z from the library and are looking forward to continuing to learn from him.

In Religion, we led chapel on February 16th. We talked about the three kinds of love in the Bible and how agape love is the most important because that is the love that Jesus showed to us on the cross. We had so much fun practicing and telling our schoolmates about what we learned. I was really impressed with the class because they all voluntarily memorized their lines and took a lot of pride in their chapel service.

We went on our first field trip to the Des Moines performing arts center where we learned about Step and saw a stepping performance by Step Afrika. It was so fun to watch and participate in. We are looking forward to our next field trip in March.

We finished our Iowa State Testing and are looking forward to getting those results back.

We can't believe the last quarter is coming up already and are looking forward to what God has in store for us.

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