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3rd & 4th Grade - January 2022

This month in 3rd and 4th grade we are finishing up our first book clubs. The 3rd graders have already finished their final project and the 4th graders will be finishing their books in the next couple weeks and start their final projects as well. Then, we will be starting a new book club with a different book. We also started a new reading BINGO sheet this semester and a couple students already have their first BINGO! This is a great way for them to try different genres and find books that they like to read.

In English, we have finished adjectives and are starting Pronouns soon. We love playing Mad Libs for English and making funny stories using our knowledge of the English language and parts of speech. We also love to play the grammar game "Cooking Up Sentences" which tests their knowledge of parts of speech.

In Science we are learning about weather patterns and air pressure. Zach Satre is going to be talking to our class via zoom about his job as a meteorologist. We love looking at satellite images of the Earth and it's wind patterns. We are really excited to learn more about God's creation and how he made everything work, especially space, which is coming up this quarter.

In Social Studies, we learned about the early explorers of the Americas like Christopher Columbus and Amergio Vespucci. We are finishing up that project and then we will start black history month in February.

We started coding with Mr. Z from the library and are looking forward to continuing to learn from him.

In Religion, we are starting to write our chapel service that we are leading in February. We are going to focus and learn about the 3 kinds of biblical love because February has Valentine's Day.

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