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3rd & 4th Grade - October 2021

October has been an awesome month in 3rd and 4th grade. We have finally mastered our classroom routines and rules, which makes us have more time to do fun things! It also makes our classroom a more fun environment.

In language arts, we are learning about all kinds of nouns including proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, and pronouns. The fourth graders have started reading mysteries and the 3rd graders are reading "Grandma's Records" next week. We are also excited to start our book clubs at the beginning of the second quarter.

In science, we are finishing up learning about how scientists classify plants, how flowering and non-flowering plants reproduce, and their life cycle. We just finished our paper slide videos for this chapter so be on the lookout on Facebook to see what they came up with.

In social studies, we are learning about the different regions in the United States and are about to start learning about the early Americans and our government. We will be doing some escape rooms about our different branches of government, which is always a fun time.

In religion, we are learning about the fruits of the spirit and are going to do a fun project after we have learned all of the fruits. The third graders are also learning the books of the Bible and how to look up verses in the Bible.

In November, we are going to start coding with Mr. Z from the library. We are also learning how to type using typing club on our Chromebooks.

We are looking forward to another month of learning!

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