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3rd & 4th Grade - September 2022

What a blessing it is to learn together in a Christ-centered community!

3rd and 4th grade started our school year with a focus on mastering class routines and attaining a high level of independence and responsibility necessary to be successful in a split classroom. Students were introduced to a daily planner that they use to record assignments and keep track of due dates. Our class verse, Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all heart as working for the Lord, not for men,” is sung together regularly in our classroom and reminds us that honoring Christ is our ultimate goal.

We have already finished four units of study! In English, we tackled the sentence. Everyone learned about subjects and predicates. The 4th grade also learned how to identify simple subjects and simple predicates. In science, we learned about the scientific method and applied what we learned to an experiment about surface tension and drops of water on a penny. Topic 1 in math wrapped up with introducing 3rd graders to division while 4th grade focused on place value. In art, students are learning about the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, warm and cool colors, and value. We created monochromatic collages and created value paintings with black and white paint.

Our unit on Community in social studies wrapped up with a walking tour of the community of Boone. We visited the Fire Station, where we learned how firefighters work and serve our community. Next, we were given a tour of City Hall by mayor John Slight. We learned a little bit about how our city is governed and even visited the old jail cell that still sits behind the council chambers. Next, we walked to the Police Station, where we received a tour, got to sit in the patrol cars and run the lights, and saw a demonstration of the city’s surveillance drone. Students were amazed to watch the adept drone pilot navigate the $10,000 piece of equipment over the city. We ended our day with lunch in our town’s green space. The students enjoyed trying to elicit honks from passing motorists on the way home. We were accompanied by some fabulous parent volunteers who helped make the day possible.

We are thankful for Pastor Standfest, who comes to us from St. Paul Lutheran Church north of Boone to teach our religion classes. He joins us twice a week and teaches the Word of God to our class. He is truly a part of our learning community. He attended our field trip, pops in to have lunch with class, and has led chapel on Wednesday in Pastor Heimer’s absence.

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