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3rd Grade - May 2021

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This last month of school has been pretty busy for 3rd grade! We had 3 field trips in two weeks and it was really fun! We first went to Reiman gardens and enjoyed looking at the butterflies, playing in the children's garden, and looking at the cool plants. Our second field trip was on the train ride at the Boone Railway. We enjoyed the opportunity to get out of school and visit with each other while we saw some parts of Iowa we may not have seen before. Our third field trip was to the outdoor classroom at Don Williams Park. We saw several different kinds of snakes, a turtle, and got to pretend to be bears while we learned about hibernation. We also learned about how and why birds migrate and also about different kinds of soil. There were a couple of other schools there as well and the instructor for the soil group said our class was the only ones that knew about erosion and how it affects the soil.

The rest of our school year is going to be spent finishing up our projects. We have our BINGO due, our book club final project, and our social studies project on a European country. The third graders have been doing a lot of research on their European country and learned things like what languages they speak, what kinds of food they eat, and what holidays they celebrate. They also made a hand-drawn map of their country that is included in their presentation and wrote a 10 question quiz about their country which will test how well their classmates paid attention to their presentation. They also get to bring food from their country for the class to try while they are presenting. This is a great way to experience a small part of each country's culture in class!

We are looking forward to the end of the year talent show, the graduation service, and the carnival.

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