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3rd Grade - April 2021

We have started our last quarter, which means we are doing some projects to finish out the year! This will be a fun time, because we get to do projects and play more games to show and review what we are learning.

In Language Arts, we have finished learning all of the parts of speech in our English book and are now reviewing them with grammar games like "Cooking up Sentences" and "MadLibs." We are also doing another opinion writing piece and more narratives. We also love to play musical writing which is like musical chairs, but we add on to a story that the person before has started. We are continuing spelling and one of our spelling groups is in fourth grade words now! We are also almost done with our second book club. The books we are reading are "Lemonade Wars," "Charlotte's Web," "Frindle," and "Night at the Museum".

In Science we have just finished the first chapter of Earth Science and now we get to start learning about space, which is Mrs. Yox's favorite subject! It's amazing to look at space and see all of the huge, colorful things that God has made for us to look at and see his majesty and artistry.

In Social Studies, we are doing a research project where we each have our own European country to learn about. It is important to learn about different cultures from our own so we can appreciate all of the ways that God has made us unique. We will end this project with a food day, where we each bring in a dish from our country for our classmates to try during our presentation.

In math, we are just finishing up some basic geometry. We learned about parallelograms, acute, obtuse, and right angles, coordinate grids, and lines. We will be starting fractions soon and hopefully we can finish that in time to learn how to multiply 2 digit numbers. We also love playing multiplication and division BINGO and doing math fact booklets.

In religion we are learning about liturgical art and why the liturgy is important. We will also be talking about baptism and communion.

We are looking forward to competing in the track meet and have been working hard in P.E. to develop our skills for the track meet.

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