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3rd Grade - November 2020

This month in 3rd grade, we have been working hard on a couple projects. Our Science paper slide videos are on the Facebook page. Go check them out and learn about the life cycles of different kinds of animals! We are also finishing up on our Social Studies projects, where we each researched the culture, historical sites, geographic locations, climate, and fun facts about a certain city. We will be presenting these projects to our classmates before Thanksgiving. We have multiple slide shows, collages, and one paper slide video!

In Reading, we have started book clubs. The clubs are reading "Tiger Rising", "Because of Winn Dixie", "Night At the Museum", and "Rescued." Each group member has a job that they have to complete for the book club meeting on Fridays. Our first meeting was on November 20th and most people remembered to do their jobs and bring their books. We are also working on our second reading BINGO sheet, which features more nonfiction and poetry books. Our class loves learning about animals and also loves Jack Prelutzky and Shel Silverstein.

In English we are finishing up learning about verbs and contractions with "not". We will have a test over it on the Monday before Thanksgiving and then will start adjectives. We have also been playing a fun grammar game where you make silly sentences with tiles that have a word and a part of speech on them.

In Math, we are learning about subtraction. Subtraction is usually hard for third grade, especially when we get into double regroupings, but this class is doing really well with it so far. Right now we know how to subtract 3 digit numbers, how to double regroup, and how to subtract across zero. Next, we will be subtracting money.

In Science, we are finishing up our life science unit by learning about how habitats can change in good ways and bad ways. We have also been watching "Our Planet" to help us see the environments and the food chains in action and also to appreciate this beautiful Earth that our Creator has blessed us with. We also talk about the ways in which we can help to protect the Earth and all of God's creation.

We have started memorizing the 10 commandments with meaning and are also almost 30 memory verses in in our memory book.

We are really looking forward to our Thanksgiving break and to spend time with our families. We are also looking forward to sharing our Christmas program with everyone in December!

God's blessings, Third Grade

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