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4th - 8th Grade - December 2020

The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works. Psalm 145:13

Congratulations to our very own 4th grader, Destiny Anderson for winning the Salvation Army Writing Contest about her favorite holiday tradition. You may read all the 4th and 5th grade student's amazing essays which are displayed outside the classroom.

They will begin the new year studying themes related to American freedom, courage, and responsibility.

Religious instruction has focused on the rise and fall of leaders from 1st and 2nd Samuel to 1st and 2nd Kings. We are focused on learning to give all our cares and concerns to Jesus and using the Word to refine our thoughts and actions.

6th graders have finished a study on plays and have begun writing their own. They will begin the new year connecting literature to their personal lives and growth as an individual. We will be reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.

Seventh and 8th grade students finished writing a short story review evaluating how the author's use of literary elements affected their connection, or lack thereof, to their selected story. They have also begun evaluating their skills toward taking benchmark tests with practice exams.

Part of our morning routine includes jump starting our brains with some math riddles and brain teasers. See how many of these you can solve!

  1. If you buy a rooster for the purpose of laying eggs and you expect to get three eggs each day for breakfast, how many eggs will you have after three weeks?

  2. I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

  3. There are several books on a bookshelf. If one book is the 4th from the left and 6th from the right, how many books are on the shelf?

  4. If it took 6 people 9 hours to build a barn, how long would it take 12 people to build the same barn?

  1. I am a three-digit number. My tens digit is five more than my one’s digit. My hundreds digit is eight less than my tens digit. What number am I?

  2. The ages of a father and son add up to 66. The father’s age is the son’s age reversed. How old could they be (there are 3 possible solutions)?

Bonus brain teaser: A duck was given $9.00, a spider was given $36.00, and a bee was given $27.00. Based on this information how much money would you give a cat?

No peeking at the answers! 1. None, roosters do not lay eggs 2. (s)even 3. 9 books 4. None, the barn is already built. 5. 194 6. 42 and 24. 51 and 15. 60 and 6. Bonus: $18.00/ $4.50 per leg

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