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4th - 8th Grade - February 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Peace in the Lord! 4th and 5th grade are finishing up the Voices of the Revolution unit of study and will begin a unit on plays after spring testing. They are beginning to write a biography on a person of their choice. In religion we are studying the introduction of our Savior and the beginning of HIs earthly ministry.

Sixth grade will be studying myths in Ancient Cultures. Seventh and 8th grade students are studying types and elements of nonfiction writing.

Students in grades 4 and up will be writing poems to enter the 25th Annual National Student Poetry Contest put on by the American Library of Poetry.

Please congratulate Linnea Trudeau for earning first place in the state on the National Society for the Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest.

Innovation Nation

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein

Learning to assemble, program, and control robots has been such a blast in 7th and 8th grade Science. We continue to code, problem solve, and collaborate in order to build a robot that we will use in various competitions. From the moment we took the pieces (and there were a lot of them) out of the box we knew we were in for something challenging yet fun. Right now we are at the competition stage where we try to code our robot, or control it, to stack various pieces on our “gameboard”. We are learning so much more than facts, we are learning to problem solve, code, build, work together, and to persevere when challenges come up.

In 5th and 6th grade Science we have just completed a unit on sound in which we were challenged to create an instrument using what’s called a “makey-makey”. A makey-makey is a device that we connect to our Chromebook and then to our cardboard instrument creations in order to produce the sounds. We have enjoyed getting to work with electric circuits to better understand how things around us work.

In Math we are all busy stretching our brains to a higher level of understanding as we study fractions, geometry, solve linear systems of equations, create circle graphs, and use proportions.

In Social Studies we 8th graders continue to study our American government, especially how it relates to the principles of the Bible. In 6-7th grade we are studying the people and the culture of ancient Greece. We continue to be amazed at the many ways history continues to shape our present day culture. Like Einstein said,

“education is not the mere learning of facts, but the training of our minds to think!”

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