4th - 8th Grade - November 2020

Hello! Students are ready for a break, but have a lot to look forward to when they return. The Boone Salvation Army is hosting a writing competition for local 4th graders. Fifth graders will be competing in house because of the contest’s grade limitation. The prompt they will be writing to is, “Which holiday story, book, or tradition is my favorite and why?” The students have written two other works, a fictional narrative and a personal opinion. Our literature theme is centered around giving it all you’ve got to achieve your dreams. We have read about Michelle Kwan and an excerpt from “Baseball in April.” In Religion we are studying Peter, and Israel in the promised land.

Sixth graders are reading and working on how to write mystery stories. Our class novel, a New York Times Best Seller and a Newbery Medal Honor book, is Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage.

Seventh and eighth grade students are reading short stories to analyze literary elements and apply the reading skills of predicting and making inferences. They have written a journal entry from the viewpoint of a character and a short essay about what are necessary skills for adulthood.

All 6th - 8th grade students are entering the Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest, “The Boston Massacre.”

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